Affordable New Tires at Ray Brandt Volkswagen in New Orleans

Most drivers in New Orleans and Harvey, LA, are familiar with some of the obvious signals that they need to replace their tires. If your Volkswagen’s tires have a leak, are buckling, or have a crack forming, you should definitely replace them as soon as possible. You will also want to change your tires as soon as the tread starts to get low. Putting off replacing your tires can be a serious safety risk since they won’t be able to stop or grip the road properly, meaning you won’t be able to control your vehicle as you expect to. Luckily, your New Orleans service center at Ray Brandt VW makes it easy to find new tires.


Professional Assistance and Extensive Selection of Tires

Visiting your local Volkswagen service center is the best way to find tires that are right for your particular VW model. Because the service center specializes in VWs, the technicians will be able to stock a great range of options for the relevant models. That means that you can find a range of sizes and types of tires for every Volkswagen, whether you have a Golf, Jetta or Tiguan.

If you aren’t sure where to start, VW technicians can help you out. They will probably ask you about your driving style and where you plan to take your Volkswagen. If, for example, you plan to take an extended road trip north in the winter, they may recommend snow tires, although most Louisiana drivers won’t need these. You will get a different recommendation if you want to take your VW SUV off-road than you will if you have a model with an upgraded engine you want to test the limits of.


The service center technicians at Ray Brandt Volkswagen in Harvey, LA, can help you with every step of the tire replacement process. We can suggest the ideal tires for your vehicle and wheel size, considering your driving patterns. We will then install the tires for you and have you on your way to a smooth ride. Schedule your tire service appointment online now!

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.