Oysters, Oysters, Oysters: Do you have what it takes to be the Champion?

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Louisiana is home to many different styles of cooking and eating. Throughout the summer months, the state hosts a variety of eating competitions. For instance, each year, the Acme Oyster House® hosts its annual oyster eating competition. Would you like to join in on the fun? Be sure to join in on the oyster eating festivities this year!

*You can find a full list of the competitions here.

Recent History of the Competition

After 10 straight years of winning, Sonya Thomas (known to her fans as “The Black Widow”) finally had to kiss her title goodbye. The New Orleans local named Adrian Morgan (formally known as “The Rabbit”) defeated Sonya in last year’s contest – eating approximately 44 dozen oysters which come out to about 530 of them. Consuming that many raw oysters seems to be a tedious challenge. However, Morgan prevailed and won the $1,000 prize money. Who will be the winner this year?

Festival Details

The event will be held on June 4th during the 2017 New Orleans Oyster Festival in Woldenberg Park. This major league eating event invites about 12 professional eaters to partake in the contest. For 8 whole minutes, you need to eat as many raw oysters as your body will let you. The rules for this contest include they must use a fork, they are not permitted to lift shells to mouth and all oysters must be cleared from the tray before starting a new one. For a look into what goes into the preparation of this festival for its contestants check out this link here.

P&J Shucking Competition

Of Course, with oysters, although eating them is the fun part there is much preparation and strategy that goes into opening one. Oyster shuckers transcend into the true spirit of New Orleans and begin partaking in this soulful task. The P & J Oyster Company celebrates the talents of their incredible shuckers by sharing their true skills. “In 2015, Baily Mowat of Jolie Pearl in Baton Rouge shucked 18 dozen oysters in 2 minutes to take home the title. In 2016, Jay Gallette of Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar in New Orleans shucked 19 oysters in 2 minutes.” This task is something that can only be perfected by a professional oysterman. This contest will be held Saturday, June 3rd at 12:00 pm during the New Orleans Oyster Festival. Make sure you come out and support your local oyster enthusiasts!

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