How to Get Dog Fur Off Your VW’s Upholstery

January 14th, 2019 by

If you have a dog then there is a good chance that your VW vehicle is covered in fur. No matter the type of upholstery you have in your Volkswagen, you should be able to get the dog fur off of it with a bit of effort and the right tools. Do this every once in a while to make it easier the next time and prevent your seats from getting too dirty.

Gather Your Supplies

Just like any other task, the first step to getting dog fur off your VW’s upholstery is gathering your supplies. You will want a vacuum, and if you can find some compressed air, grab this, as well. You should also get gloves, a rubber broom, a bucket of water, and a Fur-Zoff Stone or similar item designed to get fur off fibers.

Get to Work

Once all of your materials are together, it is time to remove the fur from your Volkswagen. Just remember that fur in the trunk of your VW is typically harder to get out than that on the seats just because of the type of fibers there. Regardless of the upholstery that you are getting the fur off, start by blowing the carpeting with the compressed air. This should blow the top layer of loose fur out of your car and loosen up the rest of it. If you didn’t find compressed air, you will still be able to get rid of all the fur; it just may take a little more effort.

Using the Tools Correctly

Take your Fur-Zoff Stone, rubber broom, or glove and directly lift the hair off the carpet fiber’s nap. As soon as you get the dog fur loose, use your vacuum’s crevice tool to remove it. You will notice that the rubber gloves are incredibly useful as they grip the canine fur and make it easier to pull it from the carpet than it would be with just the vacuum. To make it even easier, dip your glove in the bucket of water, shake it out, and rub the glove on the carpet. Fur will stick to the glove so you can just dunk it in the water again and repeat the process. If using a rubber broom, use short brush strokes in the direction of the vacuum nozzle. The Fur-Zoff Stone is also simple; just swipe it along your VW’s upholstery, and it will collect fur. Brush it or vacuum off the fur and continue.

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