Brake Service at Ray Brandt Volkswagen Near Gretna, LA

Having your brakes serviced by a Volkswagen-trained technician is one of the smartest things New Orleans and Gretna, LA, drivers can do. Brake functioning is closely related to staying safe and even a small issue with your brakes can lead to issues stopping correctly. Your brakes may take longer to respond or pull to the side when you apply them, putting you and your passengers at risk. Even if you and everyone else involved escapes from an accident or skid unscathed, your VW may face damage, leading to costly repairs. It makes much more sense to simply take preventative action and have a professional inspect your brakes as indicated by your owner’s manual.


The Brake Inspection Process

During a brake service appointment, the technicians at Ray Brandt Volkswagen in Harvey, LA, will use their knowledge and experience to examine every component of your brakes. They will most likely begin by looking at the wheels themselves before removing them to get access to the brake. At this point, the technicians can look at every brake component in more detail. They will pay specific attention to the thickness of the brake pads and rotors and check the discs to ensure they don’t have any pronounced grooves or rough spots.

Based on a thorough examination, the professionals can determine if any components need to be repaired or the rotors need to be resurfaced. They can also tell whether components have worn out completely and require immediate replacement to prevent a safety risk.


Why Have a Professional Perform Your Brake Inspection

You can easily find instructions online for inspecting your brakes, but unless you have experience actually seeing the issues you read about in person, you are unlikely to spot issues. If you miss a potential problem that only a professional would spot, you are putting yourself and those around you at risk. Saving a few dollars isn’t worth this risk by any means.


The technicians at Ray Brandt Volkswagen’s service center in Harvey, Louisiana, can inspect your brakes for you and make any necessary repairs right then and there. Go ahead and schedule your brake inspection online now!