Wheel Alignment Near Metairie at Ray Brandt Volkswagen

Regardless of the Volkswagen you drive around Louisiana, you need to have the proper wheel alignment. If the alignment is off to some extent, it can affect your fuel economy, ride quality, and even safety. That is because issues with a vehicle’s alignment can lead to it pulling to one side or another. If you aren’t constantly aware of this, your Volkswagen may not go in the direction you expect, whether that is straight, left, or right.


Aspects of Tire Alignment

Unfortunately for DIY enthusiasts, wheel alignment is not something that you can do at home by yourself. The adjustments are typically to fractions of a single inch, and you actually need specialized equipment for alignment. While this equipment is too expensive for the average person to have, your local Harvey VW service center will definitely have it on hand. Alignment also has to be adjusted in three ways: camber, caster, and toe-out or toe-in. These are the tilt from looking head on, from the side, and from above, respectively. Each adjustment has to occur on every wheel, meaning there are 12 adjustments, each of which requires specialist knowledge and professional equipment.

Do You Need a Wheel Alignment?

If you’re in the New Orleans or Metairie area and realize that you haven’t had your wheel alignment checked in a while, it might be a good idea to visit your local New Orleans service center at Ray Brandt VW and have it looked at. This is particularly true if your steering wheel doesn’t line up straight, your tires show uneven wear, the front end shimmies, or the vehicle pulls toward one side or the other. As a general rule of thumb, you should have your alignment checked after an accident or when you change your tires. Other than that, there isn’t much agreement on when alignment becomes necessary, but your Volkswagen technician can let you know when it is a good idea.

For wheel alignment tips or an alignment check, visit the service center at Ray Brandt Volkswagen in Harvey, Louisiana. You can also schedule your alignment online today!